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Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day! If you don't celebrate (I actually don't myself) then Happy Almost Discounted Chocolate Day!

I'm currently spamming you guys poetry as I spam my boyfriend with it. I am having an inordinate amount of fun to be honest. xD He's an anarchist (and I am too but not quite as strongly) so there's so much room for sass and cheek lmfao. I was super duper gay and sent him fives cards with so much confetti in them that he had to open them into Ziploc bags. And actually it was super nice cause while I was at work, I saw that he showed it off to a small group chat and was completely beside himself with emotion. Cause in a couple cards were "reward ribbons" like World's Biggest Sweetheart and Best Kisser (he doesn't know I have even more!) and I wrote some of my favorite lyrics that remind me of us in all the cards and one of them I actually filled both sides of a blank card telling him just how much he means to me. And yeah I just feel really good about all that right now. :heart:

I'm pulling a lot at work right now, so sorry as always for the lack of updates. This time it's with a much better reason though! I've been averaging about 36 hours a week at work, and this week I'm going to be pulling 47, rip, but that's good because I'm starting to look into getting an apartment and moving my boyfriend across the literal entire country to live with me. I also might be looking at a promotion at work in the near future! I am a busy busy boy. :)

So yeah! Just kinda dropping in to apologize for the shitty poems (I say that in the best way cause they're intentionally awful cause I love Everett as much as I do) and wish you all a lovely February 14!

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I am not going to say much about this. I don't have the energy right now. But I will say this:

Last night, when I found out that Trump won the election, I had a severe panic attack. I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes bawling my eyes out and hyperventilating. Many of my friends on Facebook were flipping out, terrified out of their wits, and some even had to contact Suicide Prevention.

I am gay. I am also transgender. Trump's VP, Pence, openly supports and has funded conversion therapy, which tortures and kills innocent children and adults, or convinces them to commit suicide. If you don't believe me, it's a simple YouTube search away to see the documentaries.

I'm not afraid of Trump. Not right now. I'm fucking livid. And I'm disgusted in the American people for voting for memes and bullshit in such a crucial election. Numbers show that in a lot of states, if morons hadn't voted for Harambe and shit like that Hillary would have gotten the majority vote.

You know what I am afraid of? Being killed in cold blood by his supporters. Being called a faggot in the streets or correctively raped by men who are much bigger than I am. I am small and I am by no means weak, but I can very easily be overpowered if there's more than one person. I'm afraid of being shot. I'm afraid of getting the shit beat out of me. I'm afraid of being out and proud as I have been my ENTIRE life because his zealot followers might harm me for simply being myself. I'm terrified of them men who have very openly proclaimed now they can "grab women by the pussy" because the President-elect can. I am very feminine presenting because I have yet to start my transition; I could be sexually harassed, or assaulted. I could be killed. I could be refused my transition. I could have every single one of my protective rights stripped methodically from me.

If you voted for Trump, feel free to unfollow me, un-Watch me, and block me. I am very serious when I say that. Because if you supported him, you support my potential murder. You support my trans brothers and sisters that killed themselves last night because they were so scared. You support the rape of innocent women and girls and boys. You support the women who go to back alleys and get a coat hanger shoved into their insides for their abortions because their new President-elect wants to do away with them. You support the murder of innocents, sexual harassment and objectification of women, and suppression of innocent people. You support violence, and I no longer feel safe around you. So if you supported Trump, please leave.

Any, and I do mean any hatred that I get will be immediately blocked and reported. Don't bother; you're not worth my time.

To any of my brothers and sisters out there, please know I'm here to talk. If you're gay, bi, pan, demi, ace; if you're genderqueer, fluid, trans, flux; even if you're just questioning; even if you're cishet and white and are still scared; I am here for you. I love you. I will be here to talk. If you're going out in the next few days, stay safe. If it's legal where you live, invest in pepper spray. Think about getting a small knife that's legal to keep on your person at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and try not to go to too many places on your own. If you're in school and feel threatened, IMMEDIATELY go to administration; they're legally obligated to protect you whether they agree or not. But please, above all, take care of yourself and stay safe. Please.

Well actually, I'd be shitting you since I'm Kei and you're not me but I digress.

Greetings again from Alaska. I have internet but it's so slow I think the dinosaurs might have gotten annoyed with it. This internet is why aliens won't talk to me. It makes Elizabeth the 3rd sad. It makes me wanna RIP OUT MY FUCKING HAIR because slow internet and slow computers give me road rage. I tried watching a JSE vid earlier and got precisely 1:19 in after I let it buffer for ten minutes before it had to buffer again. I'm going NUTTERS. But that's okay I suppose lol.

I'm trying to write. Yeah yeah... Same old story right? Pretty sure people don't put any stock in those words anymore. But I'm trying. Yeah?

I've been really depressed. I mean, really depressed. Sleeping 12+ hours a day depressed. Not wanting to eat, only wanting to sleep kind of depressed. And I'm really, really working on getting back into things. I am. Okay?

So, for now, sorry for letting you all down. I'm only a man, and I'm doing what I'm able. But this time I'm actually trying to put effort into it, even when all I want to do is stop existing and play video games all day and pretend there is no outside world. I'm working on it. Just give me some time.
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Yo~ I figure it's about time I update this puppy ^^ Kalen speaking! Nice to meet you all. 8D I look forward to loving with you and laughing with you... And crying with you...
Ahem. I'm generally pretty friendly and love meeting and talking to new people. If you want to say something, don't be shy; say it! I'm an avid NaruSasu writer, amateur photographer, a poet more than at heart, and one of the doofiest mother fuckers you'll meet. :3 All around I'm very fun loving so seriously, don't be afraid to comment or just strike up a conversation. :heart:

I love each and every one of my watchers on here, like for serial. You guys keep me going and have helped pull me through some really rough times and if I could personally thank you all I would.

Also, last but certainly not least!! I know a lot of you are visiting for my SasuNaruSasu stuff! Check out my bff's gallery! :iconsatosanteru: is an absolutely spectacular SNS artist; he deserves the attention! Hell, even if you don't like my stuff go drop a fave and a comment or a watch on him and let him know just how awesome-sauce his art really is. ;)

Til next time, Kalen out!

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